How can I identify the IP address of my cloudflare name servers?

I have read some other posts from other users about the same problem and I searched websites with the cloudflare ns but I get several IP addresses and I don’t know which one is appropriate.

In my domain registrar I have to add the ns address and the ip if I don’t do this I can’t update it.

These are my cloudflare ns of which I need the IP. Thank you

Put the nameservers in here…

…or lookup here…



I already did it but I don’t know which of all these IPs that appear is the one I should add. Thank you

Enter any one of them.

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I already updated and entered these addresses but now my website does not load, it gives me an error that the domain does not exist.

Are these IPs that I entered correct?

What is your domain name?

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You haven’t set any DNS records…

Set up here in your dashboard…


Previously I used Cloudflare and all these logs were generated automatically. Do you know if this is possible again? Since I honestly don’t know what I should put in this place.

Cloudflare will scan the DNS for commonly used records and offer to insert for you when you add the domain to Cloudflare if they are found. Either there were none to be found, or you didn’t accept the list when it was presented.

You can just add them manually.

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