How can I host my APK file in my server?

Put this in my server (works)

But put this in my server (failed)

Your question doesn’t seem to be Cloudflare related.

If it does, please make your question more descriptive.

Eric, it does.

I have added my site to Cloudflare and everything is working fine. Except the APK file cannot be downloaded.

I have added a test.txt file at the same location, and it is working as well. Only the test.apk cannot be downloaded.

So I guess it is Cloudflare that blocking the APK file.

So, what are the error messages that you see when you download APK file? If you disable Cloudflare’s proxy :orange:, are you able to download the APK file?

Sorry Eric, you are correct, not Cloudflare issue.

Because after migrated to a new domain, the APK name same as the domain and created a confusion. I will close this topic.


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