How can i host and deploy my static pages or web application without cloudflare workers site

I am trying to create static pages and after clicking on sign in and entering the credentials it will take to their profile page and so on. so homepage and other pages are static and after someone enters the credentials the page routed to the dynamic pages all this i wanted to achieve using Cloudflare. i am able to handle the static pages using the Cloudflare worker site. but i wanted to ask is it possible to host,route, and deploy without using the cloudflare workers site.
can I use the Cloudflare workers to get the above-mentioned results

It’s possible with or without Workers, but what you’re looking for is in the realm of very custom code that you probably won’t get written for you for free by someone on this forum. You should either hire someone that has CF workers experience (like on a freelancing website) or taking the time to learn CF workers yourself (Get started guide · Cloudflare Workers docs).

A good place to start looking and learning is the examples:

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i know i am also a developer and no one write my code i just wanted to ask is it possible because i know only a cloudflare workers site way not using the workers. so i am trying to confirm here. and asking for some docs and suggestion where these type of scenario someone faced.

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