How can I hide the server IP

Hello guys

I want to use my domain, but i use the link to acess the page, he just shows the server IP instead of keeping in the domain, what can I do?

Thx for the help!

You need a domain and a DNS record (A Record) to resolve the domain to server IP address.

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I have a domain already and its pointing to the server IP

But I want to hide the server IP…

Its like, I use the url and he just replaces to the server IP…

Can you post your domain, and link to where this issue happens?

If you enter domain in address bar and website shows up but address changes to IP address then there is a redirect in place somewhere.

can you give me you email so we can talk about it?

I don’t want to share the things and show my IP…

This almost certainly is not a Cloudflare issue but to do with the config of your backend. Unless you’ve put a Page Rule in place to do this, which you’d remember, it won’t happen because of Cloudflare involvement.

Regardless, someone here will probably help you out.


I have same problem… i want to hide my ip address…
some sites can show bypass Cloudflare and they show your real ip address…
is there any solution from Cloudflare?

lm people login.

this problem is for the over link.

If you’ve configured things properly, then they can’t.

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