How can I hide a hosting provider name with Cloudflare?


I want to hide my hosting service. If someone looks my website’s IP address, shouldn’t see. I want to make a little bit security for something. How can I do it?

Hidding real hosting provider
no name it but cloudflare ok

Thank You

CloudFlare does exactly this.
Just proxy :orange: all of your Entries and make sure you never expose them.

What exposes your origin IP?

  1. MailService on the same machine as WebService, as MailService can not be hidden/proxied
  2. using unproxied :grey: domains

But if you look up my domain:

You will not see my real Hosting Provider

But one thing is very important aswell:
Due to the fact, that there are “IP-Histories” I recommend you changing your servers IP after completely proxying all domains/subdomains pointing to your server.


Thank you

my cloud was grey
i made it “proxied”
problem is solved

i want ask that:
will site be slower?

Exact opposit! Your site will be speed up by CloudFlare!
Beside one thing: initial request will be slowed down by about 10-30ms. But the whole pageLoad will be speed up by much more so you even profit performance wise from CloudFlare

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