How can i have two A records

How can I have two a records for 1 domain.

I currently have my domain linked too my Minecraft IP.

and would also like to Connect the same domain too my website IP.

So customers can find me on Minecraft and through web address using the same domain name

You simply add two A records pointing to the respective IP addresses. What is the difficulty?

Because the second one I add does not work, when I type into web browser nothing shows even though I Made a A record with the IP connected too that website

I assume you created two records with different names, correct?

yes, ones called purplex (Minecraft one) and website is purplex forum

Can you post the two records in their full form here?

A points to Automatic Edit
A purplex.mepurplex points to Automatic

Where did you configure this? This is not a Cloudflare UI.

Also, the second record is probably not supposed to be, is it? Because thats what it currently means.

That is from cloudfare 100% and second one has to be @purplex because it says something about root

Cloudfare then makes the name from @purplex too that one

Well, then it works as intended. One is at and the other one at

Keep in mind, Cloudflare’s universal SSL certificate wont work for the latter host as it is on a fourth level.

But what I want too have is to take you too my Forum, which is on my FTP public_html folder. the site works fine using my URL provided by, but I cannot post that here for you too see

In that case you probably need to configure your virtual host to respond to the desired domain, but thats not a Cloudflare specific question but is webserver related. The records/hosts resolve as apparently desired.

Again, I cant really believe you want that to be but you confirmed it, so I’ll take that for granted at this point.

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