How can I give someone access to a single application in Workers and Pages

The only options I currently see are to give access to on a domain level, or admin right to all domains and all workers/pages.

In my current setup, all my domains and Cloudflare Pages, whether personal or a project for which I’d want to share access to someone, are set up in cloudflare. I want someone to have access to a certain domain and the project/workers/pages associated with that domain.

Seeing the way Cloudflare is set up (global KV, R2, etc) is my only option to move my project to another account and handle it from there? Could someone please suggest an easier option? If nothing else is possible, what would be the best way to transfer my project seamlessly to another account while still keeping the domain in the current one.

The project is a website set up with direct deployment from Github.


The thing about domain-scoped roles is that Pages and Workers projects aren’t under a domain, so it won’t work the way you want.

It’s worth noting that if you move a domain to another account, you can then add yourself as a Super Admin to that account. Then you can manage it in the dashboard when logged in as your regular account; there’s no need to log out and back in every time. Your dashboard will show all the accounts you have access to, so once you go through the pain of setting it up it’s really not a hassle.

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Thank you! I’ll try to have project specific accounts and move the pages and other application data there. I think it should still be possible to keep the domains in one account and have project specific accounts with one common super admin across them.

This isn’t the most seamless process, and on a high level seems more complex than using AWS’s IAM.

Do we know if there’s any plan or roadmap for better access controls?

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