How can I get the security padlocker in the free plan?

Hi, community members!

I would like know how can I get the security padlocker in my free website activated en Cloudflare service.

I have a blog in Blogger plataform, and this site is activeted with flexible SSL using https in all pages; I created this rule in the page rules menu.

But, a problem: the website appear with https:// in the browser but the padlocker isn’t showed and I don’t know how can I configure the certificate in my domain.

therefore, somebody can help me with question?

the site is:

Thank you!

Hi @wybson, it looks like you’ve got some mixed content on the site (resources being served over http instead of https). Here’s some info on troubleshooting, fixing those issues which might be helpful: mixed content error - Google Search

Hi there!

yes, in blog have many images with prefix http insted of https, but I didn’t know it could be the problem to the padlocker isn’t appearing in the browse.

If I change all prefix to https this problem will be fixed?

thank you!

Hopefully yes. With mixed content most browsers won’t show the site as being served securely.


I’ll change all my links to HTTPS to confer if this process will be fix the problem of padlocker with atention signal.

After allright, appear the message “Verified by Cloudflare” in the padlocker?

Thank you!

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