How can I get the error logs (the 5xx s) for my account?

Hello, I have changed servers and I would like to check the error logs the new setting is throwing,
where can I get this statistic so that I can forward this to my hosting provider,
so that they check what is wrong ?

thank you so much in advance!

I’d start with the logs for the origin server at the hosting provider


thank you! Why do you recommend first going to the host provider?
Does it matter in which order they are collected ?
I have a software forum installed, which has some traffic on it, (about 300.000 unique users per month/some million pageviews/requests).
I want to collect both the server hosting errors and the Cloudflare errors and give them to the forum software support people so that they evaluate them.
I want to have access to the Cloudflare errors.
I dont understand why there is not a place to get them automatically, especially when there is a tab called “analytics and errors”, I was expecting to find some data there,
so my question is related also to that,
like where is the error data / log stored so that i can extract it,

you mean its the same thing when I ask the hosting provider about it?

I just expected this to be found somewhere at the Cloudflare dashboard, this is what I mean, I hope I am explaining it well
thank you again in advance

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That is the source of truth for what happened on your origin server. For a lot of errors, we are just passing the error from the origin as opposed to generating the error. To see the logs we do capture, go to You should be able to verify the errors you see there with those in your origin log.


thank you very much! I got the serror logs from the hosting,
they show a different picture of what I was expecting.
and found an issue that we had.
So thank you, because obviously the server is the source and the specific point of reference,
and my issue happened because the server hosts didnt really open up the log to see which application was causing the trouble, I didnt know , and thought. they were already pointing me to the correct problem (software a) while in the mean time the problem was on software b… they had just shown me a simple little table with the errors but not the full server log…
ok, problem solved
thank you I guess this ticket can be solved…! I understood how this works now. Cloudflare is only an indication of something wrong, and then we search for it on the server logs. So the good thing with Cloudflare is that you have an indication that something is happening, and you get the grade of how often it is happening.


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