How can I get support if you reject my reply?

I’m replying to the automated response to my billing enquiry sent via the help center.

When I replied via email, I got a message delivery failure:

Your email to group [email protected] was rejected due to spam classification.

so… how am I supposed to get support?

I also noticed that Cloudflare is using googlemail - is this right? I’m disappointed that Cloudflare uses googles services.

How did you make the ticket? It should be done through Or are you replying to a ticket that has been opened.

I’m replying to a ticket I opened.

You should open the support dashboard and reply from there: Requests – Cloudflare Help Center

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yeah, except when i click ‘sign-in’ - nothing happens.

correction: it simply reloads the page.

edit 2: it seems Firefox’s default tracking protection breaks cloudflares support sign-in. Disabling it allows me to log-in to it.

but anyhow, I should be able to reply via email - it’s kinda unacceptable for a service provider to reject emails from customers by way of spam filter.

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