How can I get same results from dashboard and BigQuery (logpush)?

We use logpush, and ingest those logs into BigQuery following this guides;

I do query the count and SUM of CacheResponseBytes and EdgeResponseBytes in a day, but those results are not the same as Cloudflare Dashboard.

For example,
In the dashboard last 24h around 2020-05-15 21:00 JST
51M Total Requests
27.31TB Total Bandwidth

With BigQuery on 2020-05-14
79M records (count)
54TB SUM(CacheResponseBytes) or SUM(EdgeResponseBytes)

  COUNT(*) AS requests,
  SUM(CacheResponseBytes) AS CacheResponseBytes,
  SUM(EdgeResponseBytes) AS EdgeResponseBytes,
WHERE DATE(EdgeStartTimestamp) = "2020-05-14"

I expect differences in few percentages or so, but Bigquery result bandwidth is almost x2 and request are x1.5.

I know the timespans are different, but last week analytics is almost flat.

How can I get almost same results from dashboard and BigQuery (logpush)?