How can i get my own code?

Edge Certificates open up without any useful information(TXT),I used to trying remove my domin name from CF,but when i add it into CF agin,the same as well.That’s a problem to me,someone help,thks

What do you mean “your own code”?
Cloudflare Universal Certificates can only be used by Cloudflare like all Edge Certificates, and since Cloudflare is also your DNS they automatically add the required TXT records for their validation (although not visible to you).

If you want your own certificates that you can use, you can use Cloudflare Origin CA Certs (under SSL/TLS → Origin Server) trusted by the Cloudflare Proxy, or Let’s Encrypt/Certbot for publicly trusted ones.

(Here is a picture I found online to describe to you the help I need, hopefully it will help you understand. Thanks for your answer.)

Are you still facing issues?

From the screenshot you are sharing, that is a managed certificate where there is no action required on your end and Cloudflare will validate and renew on your behalf.

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