How can I get Cloudflare ECC CA-3 SSL Certificate on Blogger website

I am using blogger to write some stuff on my website.
I have noticed that every time I am activating Cloudflare SSL on my website, Cloudflare is issuing a Let’s Encrypt Certificate.

Well, I know that the Certificate Authority doesn’t matter and both CA’s certificates are best and accepted by all browsers. But Cloudflare’s certificate looks good.

So I was just looking for some results on Google and found that some blogger sites have Cloudflare certificates.

Can anyone help me in issuing a Cloudflare SSL?

Look I have a Let’s Encrypt SSL but I want a Cloudflare SSL.

I believe you would have to use Advanced Certificate Manager and purchase (create) an SSL certificate (via the ACM interface) in this case.

  1. Navigate to SSL/TLS tab → Edge Certificates of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name
  2. Click on the button “Order Advanced certificate”
  3. Select Digicert, TXT Validation, Expire in 1 year
  4. Wait for the SSL certificate initialization process to finish (

Helpful reference:

The API is also worth a try to toggle it to Digicert (Cloudflare):

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wait advance certificate comes in the premium plan but I am using free Cloudflare.
Can you tell me how you got the Cloudflare SSL certificate?

ACM is a separate product that you can pay for, regardless of plan level.

But I recommend the API approach first, as it’s free.


Thanks for the help.
But can you tell how to call that Api. I mean is there a software or something?
I don’t have much experience with apis as I am a frontend developer and currently learning game development.

link to a tutorial will helpful.

I did this with a curl online tool and it successfully worked
Can you please check the screenshot?

I am not professional with APIs but I have knowledge of some google APIs for javascript.
So I guess it should work.

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Thank you so much, I got the Cloudflare SSL certificate on my website

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