How can I get Chat Support?

I have a Cloudflare account with the Domain The domain is on a free plan.

I also have a subscription for Cloudflare Teams Standard for 3 users at $21 per month. It is also associated with

When I purchased Cloudflare Teams and was comparing plans, one of the reasons I chose the Standard plan was the availability of chat support for Teams.

Now that I am all set up, there is no chat support. Does chat support require that I also have a paid plan for the website? This was not explained anywhere. I would really like access to chat support, so that I can get my issues resolved with the onboarding process.

I need clarification on this issue ASAP please!

Thank You,

Brandon {redacted}

Granted, it’s not night everywhere, but the usual crowd won’t be here for another eight hours.

But, to your question, it sounds familiar. There’s a post that led to some back room discussion. Short version:
Open a ticket because they need to manually enable it for those not on Biz/Ent plans. And post the ticket # here. I’m sure you know the drill since you just went through the .gov process.

@sdayman You Rock. Great to know that it can be manually enabled. The Ticket # is 2273836

You definitely nailed the ASAP. I will check back in the morning. :slight_smile:


Teams Chat support is available on our Teams Standard or Teams Enterprise accounts. If you have a Business zone, that will entitle you to chat support as well.

Note that chat support for Teams is through in the lower right-hand corner. The Teams Dashboard,, will not show a chat popup.

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