How can i get 2 more ns records?

I added my domain and I only got 2 ns records. my registrar seems to need 4 and i am getting an error. how can i request for additional ns records?


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Your registrar may have space for you to enter up to four, but should not require more than two. Can you share your domain name?

You may be affected by this incident.

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i did the dig thing here:

but still no luck. and yeah i realized some people were successful with just 2 NS records with .is domains.

below is the error message. my registrar is

The nameserver configuration of all domains within the ccTLD IS must be according to ISNIC’s technical specification.

Results from test: CHK-20231104.200040

Test results for "xxxx.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM":

No NS records found for domain CEDR.IS on nameserver 2a06:98c1:50:0:0:0:ac40:23dc

Test results for "xxxx.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM":

No NS records found for domain CEDR.IS on nameserver 2a06:98c1:50:0:0:0:ac40:2271

This might be related to a delay deploying new zones, which might itself be resolved (or in the process of resolving itself) right now.

It would be helpful if you didn’t censor stuff like the names of the Cloudflare nameservers (keep in mind this is all public once it works), I can’t actually check to see what the current state is, but you might want to check again now.

I don’t see the zone on or right now, but id you’ve deleted and recreated your zone or similar it might have assigned new nameservers.


sorry i thought i need to censor it and didn’t read the forum rules. anyway here are the name servers from the cloudflare account:

the ns records you mentioned are the ones that appeared when I followed the instructions to the link.

thank you guys for all your help.

separately, the delay you meant i should wait for the cloudflare issue to resolve before i try changing the nameservers?

It looks like the DNS records exist, you can confirm using a third party tool called DigWebInterface:

NS records for

;; ANSWER SECTION:		86400	IN	NS		86400	IN	NS

You should be able to switch nameservers at the registrar now.


thanks so much thedaveCA. very helpful.



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