How can I forward alerts and logs to my siem?

How do I forward alerts and logs to my siem? Is that possible with the pro plan?

Forwarding alerts and logs to your SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system is like sending important messages to a central hub where you can keep an eye on everything. Here’s a simple way to understand it:

  1. Collect Alerts and Logs:
  • Imagine you have different alarms and notes spread across your house. In the digital world, these are like alerts and logs generated by your computer systems, telling you if something unusual is happening.
  1. Set Up a Mailbox (SIEM):
  • Now, instead of running around the house to check each note or alarm, you create a special mailbox (your SIEM) in one central place. This mailbox collects and organizes all the alerts and logs.
  1. Give Your Mailbox an Address (Configure SIEM):
  • You provide your mailbox with a specific address (configure your SIEM system). This is like telling your alerts and logs where to go.
  1. Forward Alerts and Logs:
  • Now, whenever an alert or log pops up, you simply forward it to your special mailbox (send it to your SIEM). This way, all your important messages end up in one place.
  1. Check Your Mailbox (Monitor SIEM):
  • Instead of running around the house, you just go to your mailbox (access your SIEM dashboard) to see all the alerts and logs neatly organized. It’s like having everything in one central location for easy monitoring.
  1. Act on Important Messages:
  • When you see something important in your mailbox (a critical alert or log), you can take action immediately. It’s like quickly addressing a note on your fridge saying the milk is running out.