How Can I Fix WordPress Time Out on Opera Mini Browser


I picked up my phone that night to check my blog if things were alright, but I couldn’t access both sites. I kept trying for about five more minutes and concluded it must be a problem with Namecheap or something. I went to sleep, hoping things would be fine by the following morning. I woke up to check both sites again to see if the “Namecheap problem” had been rectified but to my surprise, my blog were timing out on Opera Mini.

I could access the blog without any problems on Mozilla Firefox. I contacted Namecheap and they said everything was ok from their own side and there wasn’t any change made to the server or anything.

I got confused as to what to do and since most of my blog users were using Opera Mini mobile browser, I had no choice but to quickly find a fix…

The blog in question is

Come to my aids pls!


Give this a try from Opera Mini. It should at least show if you’re reaching your domain and tell you the User Agent. Please post the results.

If that doesn’t work, just post the User Agent string from this website:


Here what is displaying.

" fl=28f29
uag=Opera/9.80 (Android; Opera Mini/28.0.2254/105.64; U; en) Presto/2.12.423 Version/12.16
loc=US "

Help me out please, I’m loosing traffics…


Well…that’s interesting. If I set my User Agent to what you’re using, I get a 408 Timeout. If I set it to Opera for a Desktop Mac or Windows, it works. Opera (Presto) for Mac or Windows also times out. I’m doing this from Chrome on my Mac. So just picking the wrong User Agent string is causing it to time out.

It sounds like it used to work, so something changed.

I can’t help but wonder why your post looks like a cut and paste from this:

From that article, did you try the suggestion of disabling ads for the mobile version?


I did that because, what am facing on my blog is also the samething he’s faced. But the article doesn’t help. That’s why I came here for help…


Understood. It’s still a mystery to me why the User Agent String breaks the site. I don’t think it’s a Cloudflare issue. I can set the UA string to Opera Mini and it works on my WordPress sites.

When did it stop working?

It could very well be a plugin issue. If you have some off time to experiment, disable the plugins to see if one of them is causing this.


Seriously, that was what i thought in the first place, i quickly disable the mobile plugins, which all in no avail…

What should i do?


I expect that you’ll see something in your error logs. The web server should show the attempts that result in a 408. Maybe even a PHP error. Hopefully something in the logs can give a hint.


How do i go about that please?..

Can i forward my cpanel detail to you?


Going back to your original post, I doubt “…everything was ok from their own side…” Not that Namecheap broke something, but I really think something is going on with your website.

As a test, you can :grey: your DNS entry here and see if you still get the Timeouts. Give it 5 or so minutes of :grey: for DNS to refresh before testing.


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