How can i Fix Revoked Certificate?

My site is

I’ve mistakenly revoked my SSL certificate but I created it again to install it on my origin server.

I’m still getting the revoked certificate when I create a new one.
tried many times to contact with the support but couldn’t reach them.

My website is showing this error below:

# The server's security certificate is revoked!

You attempted to reach  **** , but the certificate that the server presented has been revoked by its issuer. This means that the security credentials the server presented absolutely should not be trusted. You may be communicating with an attacker.


Tried to create new certificate and install it on server but still showing this error.

Please kindly help me fix. My website is DOWN :frowning:

Clear your browser cache.

Your nameservers are set correctly (Cash & Martha) but it seems that your records are set to :grey: in the DNS app. I get ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

Since requests are bypassing Cloudflare and hit your origin directly, you should ask Hostinger first. :slightly_smiling_face:

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