How can I fix my SSL and redirections?


Long story short I broke my site with wp-rocket and Cloudflare. I think it must be flexible SSL don’t really know. As I understand I have duplicated content and some “unauthenticated scripts” trying to load. Can someone point me to the direction where to start fixing it?


Have a look at Page Rules in this Cloudflare Guide.


I added some rules but them my site just broke. I still have them I can show them. It’s a bit odd that some rules are the same as the settings you can turn on. For example Always Use HTTPS


What are the new error messages or what’s the domain?


It was so broken that I could not reach the wp rocket settings. It was redirecting me to admin login


Revslider seems to be causing the mixed content issues but do go through the rest of SSL guide. It covers most of these issues.


thank you :slight_smile: will try my best. How did you determent its revslider? I did some things with wp rocket and revslider. The loading time was perfect and when I started adding page rules it broke my site. Any advice what to do with wp rocket and cloudflare combo? (I read lots of guides and even the official ones) But the best result was when I did my own testing. Any thoughts how to proceed? I’m thinking to do all the stuff in cloudflare first and then add wp rocket.

Also one more question about the page rules. Some of them look similar or the same as the general settings, should I use one of them or both?
Again thank you for the help.


“Symptoms of mixed content occurrence” in the guide below :slight_smile:

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