How can I find email for an account?

How can I identify an account just by providing the website?
My client forgot his account.
I believe he still has access to the email, but first I would like to know which one.
Thank you!

Cloudflare won’t give away the email on an account, as this would be a serious breach of privacy and would open CF up to social engineering attacks. Your best bet is to search through your email inbox for emails from


I think this method it’s very lame.
Is this the only way you can help your customers? Just go and take a look into the emails?

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We aren’t employees, so you are not our customer.

How else are you going to find that? If you can get the e-mail associated to an account from Cloudflare you have half of the login credentials to login to that account, who tells me you are not trying to impersonate someone else? How can you prove that you control a domain (and not only the web server)?

Alternatively create a new account and switch the domain over to that.


Plus, “customer”, if on the free plan.

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Ok guys! Thank you for your help, it’s highly appreciated. Didn’t want to offend anyone.

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