How can i exclude jquery from rocket loader on my wordpress site?

Site is How can i exclude jquery from Rocket Loader? It’s breaking my page on both mobile and desktop

Google helps…

I found that article, but i do not know where to post this code or how to apply it to jquery. I’m not really versed in code. Where and how should I apply the method described in the article? Thank you for your help!

In your HTML code, that is pretty straightforward… If you do not have access to the code your best bet would be to disable Rocket Loader completely.

I have access to the code, and i have a child theme active in Wordpress. Is there code i can paste in the functions.php which would solve the issue?

I really have no clue. You should add the option exactly where jQuery is added… Nothing more that we can do here.

Is there a way to determine where jquery is being loaded from?

It appears to be related to gravity forms from the errors that appear in the console

I really don’t know how everything is set-up in your configuration. That you need to check and fix yourself. This is off-topic here.

I found this, do you believe this code will work?

Quickly looking at it should work, but can’t guarantee that.

Alright, i’ll try it and report back. Thanks for your help!

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