How can i exclude from cloudflare part of my site?

Hi, i have a problem.
I have a page with an external video link but Cloudflare doesn’t support it.
How can i exclude from Cloudflare part of my site? I want to exclude only page with http://link/video/*
How can i do this? Thanks

What’s the behavior that you are seeing when you have a page with external video link? If possible, post the URL.

The video doesn’t work: pagine/120
But if i open the video link in another browser tab it works

First thing, your website is not on Cloudflare.

Next, your video appears to be linked directly to an IP address:

Since you have a SSL cert installed in the video hosting server but the cert is invalid, browser refuses to load it.

so, if i connect to the video a domain it will work?

That would be ideal if you have a proper domain associated with the video hosting. Also make sure that you have a proper SSL setup in the server.

Anyway, did you purposely unproxy the website to test if it’s working?

yes, but it doesn’t work anyway. Now i have reactivate it

I also noticed that you have an invalid SSL setup for your website. Since you are using Cloudflare, just generate one Origin Certificate from Cloudflare and install it in your server.

And then, switch your SSL encryption mode to Full (strict). Then you have a perfect HTTPS setup.

sorry but i don’t know how to install an external certificate into my server. can you link me a full guide please? That guide is incomplete if i have a centos 7 server and i don’t know how to put the certificate into my server and install it. That guide only said “install it”

Sorry, i have added a domain to a video and a certificate but the video still not working into https connections. Why?

Same issue - although you have an SSL cert for the website but still it’s invalid.

I assume that you are using Apache? After you generate the certificate, you can refer to step 3 directly:

Edit: I just noticed that the video hosting domain is not using Cloudflare. In that case, you can’t use the Cloudflare Origin Certificate. Try to install Let’s Encrypt cert instead:

Everything @erictung wrote, plus now you also have an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare. You should have “Full strict”. Everything else is not secure.

ok, thanks

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