How can I except Wordpress admin area from cache page rule?


In page rule by using the asterisk (*) character, you can create dynamic patterns that can match many URLs, rather than just one. I tried to except part of the domain this way:

but when I go to admin area I face many diffiulties because many parts have become cache.


You probably typed ** which got converted to italics.

My page rule for wp-admin is to match ** (no slash at the end), and it comes before my other page rules. This way it’s not cached, but non-admin stuff is.


Thanks. I did. Let’s see what would happen. :slight_smile:

No result.
I remove a pugin but it becomes cache and does not go away.
How can solve it?


the plugin in in wp-content folder , not wp-admin

Note that unless you are attempting to set “Cache Everything” on another page rule that might match wp-admin, you don’t need to do this.

If you’re trying to cache HTML with WordPress you’ll need to use the Business plan so that you can ensure personalised content is not cached:

What problems do you have in the admin area?

I remove a plugin it doesnot remove.
I try to instal a new plugin it doesnot show itself.
Maybe the problem is with the cach of Opera browser.
I try more.
Thanks you Sdayman

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