How can I do live chat?

I want live chat to solve issue

Hi @bojana, we have a discord server for #developers:workers and Customer Support offers chat for customers on the Business plan. On the Community at the moment, we have a few hundred other Cloudflare customers that are online helping fellow customers and replies are usually quick, if not actually interactive. Always best to :search: here first and check #tutorials and #CommunityTip as the answer to your question may be here without having to ask…but, since you’re here, what issue do you need to solve?

Hi @cloonan !
Thanks for your quick answer.

In settings of wordpress CloudFlare plugin, I’m seeing ‘Not Found’ with red background

This is happening recently.
I want to know how to fix.

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Got it, thank you. That zone is on a business plan and I see you are a member of the account. If you login at, do you see a small blue help icon in the lower right corner?

Screenshot from 2021-03-05 15-08-46

If you click that, enter a question, on the next screen click live chat and you’ll reach our Support team. You can give them a link to How can I do live chat? this post to see the image once an engineer joins the chat.


I already moved your other post into a thread that’s already discussing the issue.

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this is fixed in version 4.2.1 of the plugin: Release v4.2.1 · cloudflare/Cloudflare-WordPress · GitHub