How can I disable the minify options on Cloudflare?

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I´ve selected the minifying options while adding a new site but I need to disable them. Can you please tell me where can I do it? I can´t find the option.


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You can disable Auto-minify option at Cloudflare by following the instructions (steps) from below (or just click on the link below on the 3rd point):

  1. Log into the Cloudflare dashboard with your Cloudflare account
  2. Select your domain name
  3. Navigate to Speed → Optimization → scroll down a bit and you will see the section “Auto Minify” - there should be the button to toggle it on/off

Picture of it:

More information about Auto-Minfy option can be found at the below article:

Thank you very much, @fritex!

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I am happy to assist you :wink:

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