How can i disable the cache from a cloudflare pages

I saw the docs, but there is not build settings to switch between v1 or v2 and also there’s no button to disable the cache.


The cache you’re referencing from the docs is the build cache, if there’s no build options you don’t have builds since you did Direct Upload

If you mean an edge cache, Pages by default will manage its own cache which is unique per deploy. You may have your custom domain zone also caching which can lead to issues and I’m guessing what you’re experiencing. If you disable the proxy for the CNAME, does it look good? If so, you can either keep it disabled or disable cache (easiest way is through a cache rule - Create a cache rule in the dashboard · Cloudflare Cache (CDN) docs)

Disabling proxy will mean your zone features (e.g. WAF, rules, etc.) will not run so the cache rule would be preferred.


Hey! First of all thanks for answering. The thing is in there’s nothing cached but when i have the domain pointing domain-com is not having the correct build. If i remove the proxy thing i cannot point to a subdomain of pages-dev (it redirects me to the main page instead of it redirects to, and im pointing to branch- pages- dev).