How can I disable Cloudflare Acess for pages

I accidentally enabled Access Policy for one of my sites on Cloudflare Pages, but I’m not going to configure Cloudflare Access for it now. I’d like to know how can I disable Access Policy, it seems there isn’t a disable option or am I missing something?

Hi @gpx - For any configuration changes, you’ll want to visit the Cloudflare for Teams dashboard and navigate to Access > Applications. There, you should find all of your protected applications including any Cloudflare Pages sites you’ve secured ( In the applications table, you should see options to both edit and delete.

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Thanks for your reply. However, the problem is that I haven’t choose a plan because I’m not going to add a credit card at this time, therefore I can’t proceed to the Applications page. The preview pages are already being protected by Cloudflare Access and I can’t do anything, does it mean that I have to add a payment method to disable the protection? I don’t think that make sense.