How can I create image variants with just width or height specified?

I’ve started to use Cloudflare images to store the master high-res copies of our images and am creating variants with various sizes.

However, I sometimes need to create variants that are just resized with a single dimension (height or width). For example, I have master images with varying resolutions (1920x1024, 1500x1000, etc). On certain webpages, I want a variant that is always 300 pixels high (and the width will vary proportionately). On other pages, I may want to keep the width constant, but let the height vary.

I can do this with your resizing service, but I cannot figure out how to do this with Cloudflare image variants.

Is there a way to do this?

What would be even better would be the ability to use image resizing on a Cloudflare master image URL. Then my designers could create the size they need by just changing URL parameters. I tried this, but the resizer does not seem to accept Cloudflare URLs.


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