How can I cover more than one page type in one page rule

I am BIG Fan of Cloudflare I like Cloudflare ultra pro services and firewall in free tier,

I would like to enable edge caching for some other files like pdf,zip, etc. But my two page rules are already used!

So is there any trick or anything
I tried
But it takes a full one page rule

Then I tried comma but I am not sure if its working can anyone tell me when we add comma it works or not?
**.zip , **.pdf

Thanks in Advance!

This is currently not possible. You’ll need separate page rules if you want to cover different extensions. If you reached the limit you can always purchase new rules.

OK Fine :slightly_frowning_face: :cry: So is there any alternative to this that I can do in free plan?

The purchase of additional rules does not depend on the plan level. You can do that on the free plan too.

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Means I will not have to get a pro I can only get more page rules right?

Yes, additional page rules can be purchased on all plan levels.

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Depending how much traffic you get, you could easily use a worker for free (or at least cheap).

You can use the Cache API there (and/or even KV if the files are small).

Workers have 100,000 requests a day and then $0.50/million after that ($5 minimum). You can read up on Workers here:


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