How can I configure ssl on odoo website? Is for free or I have to contract something?

I’m trying to configure the ssl certificate on my website with Cloudflare. I have an odoo website and I want to use my
When I change the nameservers the web appears blank.
Why is happening that?

I’m not familiar with the Odoo configuration. Your DNS here should have “A” or “CNAME” records for your domain name, according to Odoo’s instructions.

What’s the domain?

thank you for your fast reply,

My domain is
The ssl was working as a free plan, but I’ve changed to a dedicated ssl and now appears an error 522.

I was waiting 15 minutes, but I don’t know if I have to wait more or I have to disable the universal ssl?

many thanks


A 522 isn’t an SSL issue, and the site is loading in my browser.

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