How can I configure MX records and Text Records?

I searched through the previous topics through Cloudflare community and I didn’t see my question explained to where I could understand it.

And my domain has two nameservers:

As far as the 1st column: MX
2nd column: (my domain for the email?)
Priority 10?

1st Column: A
2nd Column: mail?
3rd Column: my server IP?

They don’t look like Cloudflare nameserver names so first step is to migrate DNS to here (or ask mochahost support if you don’t want to do this).

I’ve already redirected the nameservers to Cloudflare from my hosting account. And I have DNS records set up in Cloudflare BUT there are also DNS records in my cPanel of my hosting account, so do I need to delete all of them in my cPanel first?

You can ignore the cPanel records, as Cloudflare is your name server now. Just make sure your DNS records in the Cloudflare Dashboard for your domain are updated.

Oh, ok. Thank you. I am having trouble setting up the A, MX and TXT records through Cloudflare still.

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Got it. I had viewed that page a couple of times before, but just noticed that you could click on the little sideways triangles and get the help I needed that way. Thank you @sdayman and @saul

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Do I need a TXT record and if I did where would I get that data?

You probably don’t need a TXT record. Some services need TXT records, and they’ll let you know.

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