How can I configure Cloudflare DNS for my website?

Hello community members,

I’m new to Cloudflare and I’m looking for guidance on how to configure Cloudflare DNS for my website. I have already signed up for Cloudflare and added my website to my account, but I’m not sure how to proceed with DNS configuration.

Could you please provide step-by-step instructions on how to configure Cloudflare DNS? Specifically, I would like to know how to set up the necessary DNS records, such as A, CNAME, and MX records. Additionally, any best practices or tips regarding DNS configuration with Cloudflare would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hello and welcome to the Cloudflare Community!
If you have already added your website to Cloudflare, the next step is to add DNS records.
We recommend following this tutorial: Adding DNS Records
As usual, after adding or modifying DNS records, it may take some time for the changes to propagate.
Here are also some best practices for DNS configuration: Community Tip - DNS & Network FAQ Read Me First
Let us know if these tips are useful.

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