How can I completly remove Cloudflare from my system

Im a plesk client. After installing Cloudflare I lost root access to one of my websites…
How can I remove everything and put my site to work again???


I don’t quite get how Cloudflare could prevent root access (especially if the regular SSH access works), the only possible way would be (preventing all SSH access, not only root) is that you switched the cloud to orange on the FQDN that you use for SSH. If that is the case change that cloud to grey and in a few minutes everything would be solved.

If you want HTTP(S) traffic to go through Cloudflare create an additional subdomain for SSH and grey cloud that.

The page isn’t redirecting properly its what my browsers tell me…
What can I do?

So the root access is via HTTP(S), I would need more info on that, what error code exactly (screenshot if possible), domain and path if possible.

I disabled the SSL (lets encrypt) and now works, but…
I have other 2 website without this problem. Same config.
The strange is that when I ping the domain on this one it redirect to Cloudflare on the other 2 no. It uses the same IP as before…???
Im implementing Cloudflare to my websites. I stoped now because of this domain.
this domain is: one that works is
They use the same setup. Same cache addon (with same config)

I’m starting by saying that for me they both work fine (one with SSL and the other no, can’t check the DNS from mobile), but from what you told me now I believe the issue is with the SSL, probably on CF you have selected the Flexible option, while on the origin you have a Let’s Encrypt Cert, with a redirect to HTTPS from HTTP.

When CF tries to get the page using plain HTTP the web server redirects to HTTPS which causes CF to fail. Leaving the certificate from Let’s Encrypt active, with the redirect config, you should set the SSL option in CF to Full (Strict) since the cert is valid forcing CF to request on port 443 (HTTPS) and validating the cert.

I don’t get the IP mention though. Of doing a dig/nslookup to the domain results in your server’s IP then you are excluding CF (to reenable click on the grey cloud changing it to orange).

How can I put everything working with lets encrypt and with HTTPS redirect as I have in and also using the original IP?
Dont know nothing about CF… Im new on this things…LOL

So… Cloudflare is a Proxy Service, so when you activate it (a record with the orange cloud) it substitutes it’s own IP to yours for the public.

You have 3 choices:

  • no HTTPS (already excluded)
  • HTTPS between the user and CF, but not from the origin to CF (gonna give this option as well)
  • HTTPS everywhere (preferred option)

You can put whatever certificate you want on the server (a self-signed, one of the CF-issued origin certificates, a Let’s Encrypt certificate or one that you bought) or none (this prevents HTTPS from the origin to the server).

If you have no certificate you select SSL Flexible on CF, then you switch on the Always HTTPS option in the Dashboard. You must NOT have any redirect to HTTPS on your server.

If you have an invalid certificate (self-signed) you need to select SSL Ful in the Dashboard, you can have the Always HTTPS option on or a redirect on the server. You can have both, but one is needed.

If you have a valid certificate (CF Free Origin certificate [trusted only by Cloudflare], Let’s Encrypt or another certificate that you bought) you select SSL Full (Strict), you can have the Always HTTPS option on or a redirect on the server. You can have both, but one is needed.

I would recommend Always HTTPS on. You should remove any redirect on the server, of possible.

Thanks a lot. Im almost a master on this…LOL
If I do not need SSL from Cloudflare can I turn it of?

  1. CF in Full (Strict)
  2. Lets encrypt ON
  3. redirect on my server ?!?!?

Do I understood?

I would put the redirect also on CF, there is a single toggle in the SSL/TLS app…

Thanks Matteo

Its working now :slight_smile:

But tell me
Why deltecteam website works with a “wrong” configuration?

I should probably see the config, but maybe there is a single redirect or something…

Thanks Matteo
Now I understand more about the way this cloud stuff works :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! Set a solution though, so it is marked as competed to others…

Now I only need a Sponsor to my team :slight_smile:
Take a look at facebook for Atlantic Motorsport
Maybe a Cloudflare logo or livery on my cars :slight_smile:

Well, not in the Cloudflare team! I wish though (@ryan :wink:)!

One day maybe
Thanks again

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