How can i check if rocket loader is active

I have checked in my controls and can see i have rocket loader turned off but i am being told that it is still on. Is there a way i can check this. the site is the problem i am having is, the mobile version of my site is not showing on mobile devices, instead the website version is showing.

I have been told this is because i have the rocket loader still switched on. can anyone help with this conflict

How do i know if rocket loader is disabled. I have looked under settings and it is not showing as active, but is it possible that there is a rule showing that has it active.

I would like to try and find out if it is active for but cannot find an app to test it. the problem i am having is, the mobile version of my site is not showing and i have been told that it is because of rocket loader being active, so i am trying to see if that is true

any advice please

If it’s there, you should see a reference to it at the end of the page source…

<script src="/cdn-cgi/scripts/7d0fa10a/cloudflare-static/rocket-loader.min.js" data-cf-

or you can use the browser console to see if it is loaded.
Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 21.59.45

For your site, I don’t see it.

i am not technical. how do i turn it off please. i have checked under config and it was not turned on. i have just turned it on to check to see if the site is showing the mobile theme. i am using the newspaper theme. how do i turn rocket loader off to see if it is conflicting my site. is it under rules and if so what should i be looking for?

thank you

If I understand you well, you’re saying it was OFF.

And you just turned it ON.

And now you need help to turn it OFF again?

Any reason you can’t go to the same place you went to turn it ON… to turn it OFF?

Anyway, the Rocket Loader toggle can be found here: SPEED > OPTIMIZATION > CONTENT OPTIMIZATION.

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no you have not read it correctly

Cloudflare is a self-service platform of computer networking services. Using it requires a degree of technical understanding. If the simple tasks referenced in this topic exceed your capability, you will need a consultant or a developer to help you.

Unless you have turned on Rocket Loader since the time @sjr identified that it was not enabled, it is not running on your site.

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