How can I check if Cloudflare is active on my website and enable abuse content prot

I need to verify whether Cloudflare is enabled on my website, . If it is enabled, I also want to know how to enable abuse content protection on Cloudflare. I’ve tried using various methods and tools to check Cloudflare’s presence, but I’m unsure if it’s correctly configured. Could someone guide me on how to verify Cloudflare’s status and enable abuse content protection if necessary? Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Hello there,

To see if Cloudflare is active, simply make a DNS query for the website using a command line tool such as nslookup or dig.

Check whether the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are inserted in the IP ranges used by Cloudflare: IP Ranges This list uses CIDR notation: Classless Inter-Domain Routing - Wikipedia

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