How can I charge for a worker on the Cloudflare app store?


There’s workers, where you can run just a single script for a single worker on basic paid CF accounts (that’s a big problem but a separate issue, imo). Then there’s the Cloudflare app store - the incentive for which is that you build an app and get distribution.

If I had an idea for a worker which everyone could use, and I wanted to build a business around it, while getting distribution via the CF app store - how do the two link up?


OK - I found this:


  1. If someone installs a CF app packaged as a worker, does that mean they can no longer write a custom worker - since only one worker is allowed per basic account?
  2. If someone installs a worker-based CF app - are they billed on number of worker requests, as if they wrote the worker code independently? In other words, does adding a worker app instantly up their cost by $5 per month plus number of requests?
  3. If I wanted to charge for my worker app, either based on number of requests or a flat fee per month - how would I do so? The incentive to go deep here is really about building a business for the effort. I’d be perfectly fine running billing at my end - if that’s fine.


If I’m not mistaken, you can set any price you want on the app and it’s “free” to create it, publish it and there’s no hosting fees - however, Cloudflare takes 30% of any sale.

See Terms Of use


Thanks @thomas4

Is this published somewhere, publicly (the general method of engagement/terms)?


I’ve only seen it in the Terms Of Use link above, unfortunately.


The answer to 1. is in the comments, customers’ code runs after the apps’ one. You can have multiple. I suppose it’s almost like the multi-script for Enterprise.

As for pricing I don’t know if that will add cost per request. Theoretically every script execution is counted separately. So you pay the 5$/month for 10M, then each request counts each app with worker and the possible customer worker as they are activated.

PS: maybe @KentonVarda can shed some light!


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@KentonVarda re pricing for apps on the cloudflare store - would a customer have to sign up to workers and pay per-request as well as pay for the app’s own pricing? Any pointers to the pricing deal, especially the terms around the 30% cut, etc.?


The customer who installs the app will not need to sign up for Workers, nor pay the Workers’ per-request price. They just pay the app’s price.

@jbruce can probably give more authoritative answers here.


Follow up here … just to be clear … does anyone pay for workers when they are enabled via an app?