How can I change the nameservers on CloudFlare?


I have transferred my domain to Cloudflare a couple of months ago, but now I am changing my web hosting provider and I need to change the NameServers to point my domain to a new server, so how can I do that?

Before I was pointing the domain to an IP address through the A section, but now I need to change the nameserver.

You can do this on the DNS tab of your domain’s Cloudflare settings. Here you should just need to change two A records: one with the name www and one with the name (your domain name). The new value for these records is the new IP address they should give you.

I don’t have a new IP address value, they are giving me name server like etc…

Currently you can’t change the nameservers in Cloudflare registrar. Ask your new host for an A Record IP value instead.

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