How can I change nameservers in cloudflare?

I want to use other nameserver not cloudflare. How can I change nameservers to other?

You need to change them at the registrar.

If Cloudflare is the registrar you’ll need to transfer the domain to another registrar.

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I buy domain in other site. so I can’t see domain in that menu.

Then you will need to change the name servers on that site.

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That site says that I have to change in cloudflare

What site? Where did you register the domain? What is the domain?

I buy The domain is “

As I know exactly zero Korean, I can’t even point you to relevant documentation on the site.

The current name servers for are

These were set at the registrar. You have said that is the registrar, meaning they were set there. You cannot change them in Cloudflare as Cloudflare is the name servers. They need changing at

You can change all other records in Cloudflare, but not NS.