How can I change my DNS nameservers to something other than Cloudflare?

I’ve been told by my Wordpress hosting company that I need to change my DNS nameservers to their nameservers in order to fix a “too many redirects” problem that’s preventing me logging in to my website. I can’t see anywhere on the website where I can change the Cloudflare allocated ones.

To fix “too many redirects”, set your SSL/TLS setting to “Full (strict)” here…

If that doesn’t work, what is the site?

You can’t change the nameservers of a domain registered at Cloudflare as is mentioned when purchasing. In most cases it isn’t necessary to do so as you can point your Cloudflare DNS at the hosting as you have seemingly done.

Depending on who the host is, you may need to set your DNS records to “DNS only” if the host needs to validate they are set.

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Hi sjr,

Thanks for the tip. I seem to have got the website up and running again, whether it was changing the SSL/TLS settings or something else, I’m not sure, but thanks hugely again.


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