How can I change CloudFlare given IP?

Greetings everyone!

I am having some troubles past two days and trying to find the way to change Cloudflare given IP address.
The reason why I want to change IP is that it’s blocked in Russia by RKN. Some casino sites are using this IP and it got blocked in 2013.

That’s why I did research how can I change IP address. Regarding this official post, all I had to do is to create a new account. (

Well, I did create 5 accounts and I still get the same IP address ( I did open ticket, but there is still no answer since I am using free plan. My question here is… is it possible to change, or does IP glue to a domain name? Because then I tried to add another domain and it got different IP.

I tried even using VPN while registering, but it didn’t help.

  1. Will I get a different IP address, if I purchase plan for 20$?
  2. Will I have the same IP address, if I cancel my plan and ask to downgrade it to free plan?
  3. Do I need to create more accounts? :frowning:

Your best bet is to get help from Cloudflare Support. On the free plan, support takes a bit longer…especially during the weekend.

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As far as I know the given IP is of the closest edge server to the user making the request. It has nothing to do with your domain name. To get a different IP address… CF would have to install that IP on the edge server. sounds pricey, if at all possible. But do contact support because maybe it’s an option!

Cannot find Support email or submit ticket form. Only community now?

I need to change IP as well. Some CF IPs are blocked in Russia already.

Ticket form is through login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

Hello. Have you found a solution?

There’s no reliable solution to this problem. If someone is blocking a Cloudflare address, you’re at their mercy. Cloudflare isn’t going to change your IP address for this, because it’s highly likely that the new address is blocked, or will soon be.

My site to the lock has nothing to do, I have already been given blocked IPs.
I create many accounts Cloudflare, but IPs are always the same.

Same issue, anyone found any solution yet? Created over 5 accounts still given the same IP, even tried old account that was created years ago, still the same IP.

This is no guarantee, but it’s possible a paid plan might switch your IP address. Business plans definitely get you a new IP address, but they’re quite expensive. If the situation is dire, try upgrading to a Pro Plan to see if the IP address changes. If not, you can go back to a free plan.