How can i challange proxies and VPN's only?


I want to challange only proxy users and vpn users, how can i do that throught free plan with firewall?

I seen post but thats from 2018.

Thanks for help!

Hm, well… a way to do it would be like tracking down the VPN providers to figure out their server IP addresses or from which data centers they do provide the VPN service to us as customers of their VPN.
So, that way, we could either have to pay for a month or longer time-frame, connect to their VPN servers and see the IP addresses.
Furthermore, by each IP we can find out the AS number, or the IP range which they use.
That way, we could combine some kind of a list of “known VPN providers” and their “IP addresses” and create an Firewall Rule at Cloudflare dashboard to block or challenge all or each of the requests comming from them.

But, I am afraid there could be a lot of them.
Moreover, you can block or challenge mostly all of the TOR users using Firewall Rule at Cloudflare dashboard.
Regarding free online proxy websites, maybe as “referer” for hostnames or like by some user-agents, etc.

Just few ideas to think about.

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how can i do that? becouse i have limit of 5 rules.

Or can i challange all connections which are not with real browser?

Yeah, but those rules can contain 4KB of instructions. In other words, a ton of OR statements for all the stuff you want to Challenge.

You can already do a Browser Integrity Check in Firewall → Settings:


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