How can I bypassing all Non-HTML caching?

I’m setting up the worker for rendering the webpage, by getting contents from my Notion and Github page. However, It seems like it broking the Term of Service 2.8 Limitation on Serving Non-HTML Content from caching things in CF.

then I’ve done these things.

Page Rule

  • Set the caching level to BYPASS globally (i.e. * *)


  • Caching Level: No query string
  • Browser Cache TTL: Respect Existing Headers
  • Always Online: OFF

After the whole process, I check on Analytics/Workers/Subrequests and founded that the Cached requests are significantly reduced. However, on Analytics/Workers/Bandwidth the Cached-Uncached Bandwidth Ratio seems to be the same.

My question is, How can I check the usage of “Non-HTML Caching” or How can I do to make sure that all things that I’ve done are enough (to not braking the TOS).

2.8 is about caching and serving. You’d have to :grey: that hostname to avoid routing that traffic through Cloudflare and violating ToS.

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