How can i bypass hCaptcha?

I was get started with Cloudflare, because i wanted bypass ReCaptcha / Google Captcha.

Recently i connected my Domain with Cloudflare, in hope to bypass Captchas,
but starts getting this so-called hCaptcha instead…

I simply want open my website through Command Prompt,
but i guess the traffic is wrongly blocked as malicious.

CAPTCHAs are off by default unless the visiting IP address has a malicious reputation.

If it’s your site, check the Firewall Events log for why you’re getting blocked.

And where can i check the so-called “Firewall Events log” ?

I want to completly turn off Captchas on my own Website

When i read the Firewall Logs under the Firewall Tab then it say Tor blocked by “security level”

How can i disable this security level, so that the Onion service work without Captchas?

Try using the Settings section in Firewall to lower the Security Level. Though I have a site that’s set to High, and I can still go right to it with my Tor browser.

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