How Can I Block IP?

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how can i block ip no need to access my site i have multiple ip’s attack on my site?


Firewall Rules is pretty easy for blocking by IP.


dear i follow these step but can’t stop traffic someone send a fake traffic on my site but not detect cloudflare please check my account to help me to block this kind of traffic?


i am using premium service but i get support like a free plan how can i get fast and premium service to help me someone about this issue?


Firewall will block any IP address you tell it to. Here are some general suggestions for defending against attacks:

Ok i’ll check this if i need a more help so i will update you…

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kindly check here where i do mistake i want to block ip but not success i also add my own ip but i access site?


  1. You should add all the IP addresses in the same box.
  2. It’s not working because you’re using AND statements, and that means ALL have to be true at the same time, but visitors only use one address at a time.

Ok dear thanks.

how can i protect my these files ? path this also?

With a firewall rule applied to that path. You can block it completely (something I do for paths that only I access on my server), you can issue captchas for anyone who stumbles upon it, etc. Choose URI Full Equals and fill in that specific URI, or choose URI Full Contains and fill in what (part) from the directory path you’d like to use (ex:1flc3) if you’d like to protect that directory as a whole.

Edit: for your mail. subdomain, use a zone lockdown rule that blocks access to it except for specific (your) IP address.

ok dear thanks for helping

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It works for you?


no dear it’s not work for me check here what i want to block someone i think bypass Cloudflare or how i don’t know so please help me about this issue.


Navigate to firewall->tools->add new ip to block access

ok dear thanks for helping and please tell me where i can find real visitor ip address?

on your logs for sure.
Use Logflare app in APPS section. Its a great addon for every website to monitor your website…

bundle of thanks dear.

i have a one question so please tell me when i check my logflare log files and i find there 1 ip address visited 303 times how may be its google bot or what please see this link

Definitely it will not be a Google bot unless your website is very popular. It might be some crawler from some website which indexes website and rank your website based on that. Might be similar to that…

I don’t recommend blocking those requests if your server could handle those. And by the way use cache with pagerules for reducing the load to your site…