How Can I Block Chicago City from Accessing My Blog

Hello, How Can I Block How Can I Block Chicago City from Accessing My Blog? I have a lot of spam traffic from Chicago. Plz, could you write down the rule that should I put it in firewall rules? Thank you!

From the firewall in CloudFlare it doesn’t look like you can block a city. If you don’t mind could you reply with a screenshot of the traffic? There may be something else you can block that will stop the spam traffic.

Looks, They comes direct and they use Internet explorer browser

Do you have the exact user agent they are using? You can probably get this by double clicking Chicago (I’m not sure, I do not use google analytics). If you can get the User Agent you could send a JS challenge or Captcha challenge to it using a CloudFlare firewall rule.

I don’t know where can I find the exact user agent, Do can I stop Inernet explorer visitors?

Yes, Apply this rule to your CloudFlare Firewall

If User Agent Contains “Trident”, JS Challenge

Is that will chalange only Internet explorer broweser or all browsers?

It will only challenge Internet Explorer browsers

Can you show the firewall rule you applied? Just so I can confirm if it’s correct

I find error

What error? With the firewall or with uploading?

I’ve puted ur rulle here
Use expression builder

could you give me the direct rule that I sould put it here:

Use expression builder

No, I didn’t setup it up for expression builder, here it is for expression builder

(http.user_agent contains "Trident")

Ok Thank u bro, is that enough?

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Yes, that should stop spam traffic from Internet Explorer

Thank you, you are the best. I will check tomorrow if it had worked well.

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Unfotunetly! It doesn’t stop all spam traffic from Internet explorer ( chicago).
is there another methode plz?

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