How can i block a country from visiting my site

Hello, recently I’ve been getting bot traffics from Germany and blocked the country through firewall rule but i still get bot visitors from that particular country (Germany)
Here’s a screenshot of the rule i created

Can you also share the expression what does the 1st and 2nd rule contain?

Did you used AND or OR operator? :thinking:

Is the Website hostname like or proxied :orange: at the DNS tab? :thinking:

Where do you see those requests passing by? At access log file of your web hosting / server?

Is the Bot Fight Mode option being enabled?

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Hi, the first and second rule contained the same thing only thar the first one is captcha challenge while the second is block. i made use of and operatorand both www.domain .com and domain. com are proxied

Remove the first rule. Or disable it. Or reorder them.

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Hi, I’ve disabled the entire rules, how can i create a new one

Kindly, may I point you to the step-by-step instruction from link below how to manage Firewall Rules at Cloudflare dashboard (the referenced link includes pictures for better understanding, navigation and help):

Please, feel free to post your further questions, if you have some.

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Hi , thank you. I’ve created one with the help of the guideline.

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