How can I avoid cloudflare caching my user backoffice

It’s related to CF because CF is in use on the site. And tmp wanted to know how to not cache certain files.

Every post in this community is the OP’s misunderstanding. But we can’t just say ‘RTFM’ (though several times I wanted to).

:slight_smile: Oh you have no idea how many times I’d like to say RTFM - maybe not always with the F :wink:

Anyhow, my point was it was not a Cloudflare issue, the OP had to fix the code or configuration on his side - and thats apparently what he did.

Normally you would use Page Rules with “cache level bypass”, that should fix the issue according to CF, but as this did not work for us and our customer photos were still cache in there pw protected user interface we had to hardcode a cache rule on our server and that is working perfectly together with the CF Page Rules. How my developers did it I do not know, but as soon as they have some free time I will ask them to explain and I will then post it here. :slight_smile:

Cache bypass only changes the Cloudflare cache status, it’ll still forward the Cache-Control header to a user’s browser and the browser usually still caches it.

One thing to note which is confusing - changing a caching system isn’t retroactive. If a user has a file cached in their browser, it will remain cached until flushed or expired, regardless of CF rules or server settings made after that file was cached in the browser.

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