How can I allow an IP address through firewall?


I have bot fight mode enabled, but I need to allow access to a single domain from an external 3rd party API which is continually getting blocked (it’s an eship app for an online store). However, there does not seem to be any “Allow” or “Bypass” rule available - so I can’t allow the API access unless I turn off bot fight mode (which I would prefer not to do).

Is there any workaround for this on the free plan? I have IP address range whitelisted in CF.

I see the following article, but it has been closed… :exploding_head:

Continuing the discussion from Please, add bypass for Super Bot Fight Mode:

Please can you add this.

There’s been no change since that thread was posted. It should have been posted in the Product Requests subcategory so it’d stay open for voting.

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Actually I have found this - I have tested it and it works.

It is cumbersome however, as it does not allow us to use multiple IP addresses, or an IP LIST created elsewhere in the account… however, it does work, so that is a good workaround.

Hope it helps others.

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