How can i add dkim and how to get it?!

my emails go to spam folder instead of inbox folder.
i checked and found out that i should set DKIM.
I dont know what it is.
how should i get it?

i read an article on coudflare support named “How do I add DKIM records?”, but didn’t get much out of it.

this is some of DNS tab information on my Cloudflare account.

please tell me what should i do exactly.
i really appreciate it. thanks…

You already have a domain key added!? :thinking:

DKIM is used to protect you from mail spoofing. The recipient’s server can check if an incoming mail was signed with it and either allow or reject it if not. Unfortunately there’s no need for the server to check for DKIM. It doesn’t impact the delivery to the recipient if the server doesn’t check for a key because it’s not a standard :frowning:

The key pair must be generated on your mail server. The public key must be added as TXT record to your domain as shown in your screenshot. No need to blurr it out, it’s public :wink: )

It is not necessary to change it as long as your private key wasn’t leaked.

No need to blurr it out, it’s public :wink:

i didn’t know what it was exactly :smile:

is everything set up now? if yes, so why my emails go to spam folder?
I’m using “acy_mailing” to send emails, before sending it does a spam-check on the email. it gives this error: “Your DKIM signature is not valid”

I still don’t know what should i do exactly…

First verify that the key is correct and that there are no characters that doesn’t belong to it. If everything fails, generate a new pair via their dashboard and change the public key on your TXT record.

THANKS. it worked.
i added DKIM record that acy-mailing provided to both cpanel and Cloudflare, and now everything’s fine.
simpler that i expected.
Thanks a lot MarkMeyer :slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:

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