How can I add a SRV record for email that does not expose IP?

Adding Private Email exposes IP when adding SRV record
I am using privateemail with Namecheap and hosting on Kajabi. For Kajabi to use my domain name in my email, I have to enter records for them. When also adding records for privateemail, it seems the IP becomes exposed. How can this be resolved?

It’s mandatory to expose your email’s server IP address for email services. Cloudflare does not proxy email connections.

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Thanks for the response.

If it’s mandatory, why do I get the warning (red triangle with exclamation mark)? This seems like something I should be concerned about.

Because some people might inadvertently unproxy something that would expose their server IP address when they really don’t want or need to do that.

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Thank you; I am learning a lot.
Does this mean that I do not need to be concerned about this message and can disregard it for the purpose of email management?

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